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Clear Water
 Are They Difficult To Install??

Not at all, by the virtue of being non-metallic they are light-weight and easy to install. Plus, they do not require periodic maintenance.

How Does It Work??

As the flow enters the bottom of the module it rises to the top, where particles have an approximate 4" drip distance to a bottom tube surface. The tubes are inclined at 60º angle to assure that the settled solids will be discharged down the tube and out of the tube pack or module when they accumulate. The close space eliminates cross or eddy currents, greater efficiency for any typical clarifier.

Tube Settler Module

Tube Settler Module - Top View

Available in 2ft or 3 ft Modules


 What Are They Made of??

Constructed of thermoformed corrugated sheets of either acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) or polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resins of virgin grade to assure maximum integrity. These sheets are then placed in a jig assembly where they are solvent bonded into a uniform module. Structuring the sheets vertically in the module enhances design strength and durability.

Isometric View of Tube Settler Module

ABS Tube Settler Specifications
PVC Tube Settler Specifications