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Floating Decanter System
Circular Decanter

The Floating DECANTER combines the latest technology in tube settler enchanced clarification with variable operating liquid levels in order to obtain a quality effluent in a surge or fill and draw sedimentation application such as the treating of conventional filter backwash waste water that requires handling high flows in relatively short duration's.

The Floating Decanter actually floats at the proper operating level so that as the surge basin fills at a high rate, the unit floats up with the rising water level.

Decanter Animation

The Floating Decanter is manufactured in circular configurations for the smaller flow rates and in rectangular configurations for the larger flow rates.

Rectangular Floating Decanter

The Floating Decanter is placed into operation by activating an effluent pump or valve that draws the process water underneath the peripheral baffle, up through the tube settlers modules, into the collection well, or collection launder pipes through submerged orifices and then out the flexible effluent hose.

Circular Decanters
Rectangular Decanters