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Impeller Designs

Radial Flow Thumb Nail

Radial Disc Impeller
This impeller uses four, six or eight vertical blades attached to a horizontal disc. The impeller pumps out in a radial direction and generates a recirculating mixing pattern above and below the disc. This type of design is stable under varying liquid depths. This high shear, high power design is an excellent choice as a rapid mixer in shallow basins, solids suspensions in shallow or varying water depths, and is often used as the lower impeller in a multiple impeller design.

Open Radial Thumb Nail

Open Radial
This impeller uses four vertical blades attached to a small central hub. This impeller pumps out in a radial direction. This high shear unit is an excellent choice for mixing applications where the tank inlet is located in the bottom of the tank.

Curved Blade Radial

Curved Blade Radial
This impeller uses four vertical blades that are formed in a curved or swept design. This impeller also pumps out in a radial direction. The curved blade design is good for solids mixing applications where resuspension of settled solids maybe required after the mixer is shut down. This impeller is good for applications like carbon slurry, sludge mixing, chemical day tanks - and in combination with axial impellers for chemical and sludge service.

Axial Mix Impeller

Axial Mix
This impeller is the standard 45 degree pitch blade workhorse that has four (4) blades attached to a hub and pumps either downward or upward in an axial direction. The blade width can be modified to match specific design requirements. In general it has much lower power consumption while maintaining high pumping characteristics than radial designs. This impeller is general purpose, which makes its use good for rapid mixer, chemical blending, solids suspension, and chlorine contact applications.

High Efficiency Axial Impeller

High Efficiency Axial
This design includes three or four blade units with varying angles, blade width, and blade contours. The high efficiency designs optimize pumping capabilities while minimizing power consumption. This design is being applied to more and more applications due to power saving characteristics; such as, anoxic zone or bioreactor mixers, chemical mixers, solids suspension mixers, sludge mixers, chlorine contact mixers and in general most mixer applications.

Axial Flocculator Impeller

Axial Flocculator
The axial flow flocculating type impeller was developed specifically for flocculation applications. It is a midrange design between the axial mix and high efficiency axial impeller types so that a large impeller can be used in a flocculation basin yielding good pumping characteristics while imparting the required power with lower tip speeds than typically required by the flocculation process.

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